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Once you see the introduction and "PRESS START", there will be 4 options.

  • The first option is New Game
  • The Second option is to configure online things such as friends *and other new things to the game
  • The third option is to set up your wifi
  • The fourth option says Mic Test

Se we are going to choose the first option and start a new game. Right when you start you will be asked a question. I believe they are asking if you want the text to stay as Hiragana and Katakana instead of Kanji.

Choosing the first option will keep it as kana. Choosing the second option will have Kanji in the text.

I would only say choose the second option if you truly understand Kanji. I myself can read kana at very very low level and will stick with kana for this walkthrough.

Now, as every Pokemon game, you are introduced by the professor of the series. Through my little knowledge I understand that “わたしの なまえは アララギと いいます” means something like "My name is Araragito" Though the to in her name is in hiragana instead of katakana which throws me off a bit. But for now, she is Prof. Araragi.

After she introduces herself, she introduces the pokemon in her pokeball and explains about what a pokemon is. Immediately after that she asks are you a boy or a girl?

Choosing a boy or a girl doesn't alter your rival since you get the same 2 rivals regardless of your decision. They will be introduced soon.

After you choose your gender, you are asked to input your name. Just remember that ”はい” means Yes and "いいえ” means No. After you press enter, you are asked if you are sure this is your name.

Right after your two rivals are introduced. A little more talking, then the game begins!

You are shown a lovely 3d version of the pokemon world~ I chose a girl for the hell of it and the first person to my right is チェレン which I believe that roughly translates into Cheren. He says something about Prof. Araragi and then shortly after your second rival walks up the stairs. Her name is ベル which is Bell.

Note:I can't read this too well at all so I will just try to translate the important stuff.

Now your rivals go to your side, everyone looking at the present on the table. Maybe it is a present from Prof. Araragi for some reason. Who knows. So now you should have control of your character. Walk up to the box and choose your pokemon! Look at that; There is a note on the box by Prof. Araragi. Once the box opens, there are 3 balls.

  • The ball to the left contains ツタージャ the grass pokemon that is roughly named "Tsutaaja".
  • The ball in the middle contains ポカブ the fire pokemon that is roughly named "Pokabu"
  • The ball to the right conatins ミジュマル the water pokemon that is roughly named "Mijumaru"

As tridition since pokemon red, I am going to choose the fire pokemon. In this case, Pokabu. After you choose your pokemon, I guess they want to test who is better. Since I chose Pokabu, bell chose Tsutaaji the grass pokemon. And you know what that means? Easy battles against her down the road. It seems she wants to test the new pokemon in a battle! たいあたい and しっぽをふる are your only attacks for now. Not sure what they are, left one taiatai seems to be tackle and Shikpowefuru seems to be tail whip. For now you have your simple attacks. Beat Bell to see the room get completely wrecked. Cheren steps in the middle to heal both your Pokaru and Bell's Tsutaaji. I guess the current destructin isn't enough so Cheren cahllenges you to a battle soon after. As you have probably guessed, Cheren chose Mijumara the water pokemon. This might pose a threat later on but you know how it goes as usually your rival (which is usually one) chooses the opposite element but you always end up kicking his ass anyways. So this time around they chose to spice things up and have all three pokemon chosen by someone.

After the messy rumble head downstairs for a converstaion with ママ which is literally Mama. So mom dukes name is Mama in this. Mama heals you then gives you ライブキャスター which is a "Rival Caster". Head out of your house to see some pokemon fly (Varies on time of day. The game goes by your DS' time and is morning during the day and night during the night)

Follow Bell into her house on the bottom left. I think you walk in to see an argument between Bell and her farther. Maybe he doesn't want to see his sweet Bell go away as a pokemon trainer. Who knows. After that, leave the house and maken your way to the top left and you should see Cheren and Bell standing in front of a house. Talk to one of them and you will be automatically brought into Prof. Araragi's lab. She will ask you would like to give your pokemon a nickname.

Just remember that ”はい” means Yes and "いいえ” means No. I will be saying this every so often just as a reminder.

I don't know what she asks next but answer yes and she will give you ポケモンずかん which by my guess is a Pokedex. and if that is the case, she was probably asking "are you willing to travel the world to fill this pokedex" like they usually do. Exit the lab and you will run into Mama again. She is probably expressing how much she is going to miss you and gives you a タウンマップ which is a Town Map.

Now it is time to beagin your adventure! Yaaaaay. Head up to the top right of the town to see your two riavals standing there. Walk up and them and they will have another talk and walk up with you to Prof. Araragi. Prof. Araragi walks into tall grass and a battel ensues. Guess what, she is going to show you how to capture a pokemon. Holy crap! That has NEVER been done before. . . After the brief tuturial she walks up to you and hands you 5 モンスターボール which is 5 Pokeballs.

After she walks away through the floating sakura, your rivals chit chat a bit longer then walk away also. So begin your adventure by walking north. Don't bother talking to the kid in the green shirt, he doesn't give you anything. The girl in the bushes though gives you a キズぐすい which is a potion.

Continue heading north until you see your two rivals. They will talk you and ask you a question. I answered yes and they said something about the Rival Caster so I think that adds them to it. Right after you get brought into some kind of video chat (with the Rival Caster or Pokedex?) A little more talking with the Professor and your rivals and they are off.

Walk into the town and you shall see Prof. Araragi in front of the new Pokecenter/mart. She drags you in and forces you to heal your pokemon. She shows you the computere where you can do things like store pokemon and then she shows you that store in the corner.

At the mart, the top guy sells Pokeballs and Potions. (If you need don't know which is which, refer to Translations)

  • Option 1 = Buy
  • Option 2 = Sell
  • Option 3 = Exit (Not exact transltion just in general)

The mart guy on the bottom sells some sort of post card decoration thing for mail. Just ignore that unless you want things to look pretty...

Exit the Center and two guys will automatically begin talking. Walk to the left to see a gathering of some sort. Cheren will call you over and a speach will begin. The new team rocket? Begins some kind of declaration and the crowd is in awe. After their speech, they take their flags and march of in a synchronized manner.

They dispurse and someone with in a hat with green walks up to you and is named ??? right now. They soon identify themselves as N. (Death Note much?) and then a battle ensues! You are put up against N's チョロネコ which is Cyoroneko. (Note: Cyoroneko has low defense, high speed and the ability to lower your defense) After a quick battle, which should be easy, N goes away and Cheren talks a bit more before leaving. Head back to the pokemon center to your right if you need healing.

Head North then West through the gate. You should soon get a call from Mama on your Rival Caster (I think). Mama comes up and gives you ランニングシューズ which is the ever so amazing Running Shoes!! Now you are able to hold B to run. Continue west and the girl right there will not battle you. Head North through the tall grass and pick up the potion in the middle. After the grass, head East and you will walk into your first battle! (That is not with a rival or storyline character!!) The boy will have a ミネズミ which is Minezumi. After that fight, don't bother with the boy in blue to the south in front of the ledge. He will just show you that you can jump over a ledge if you answer Yes to him. (At level 8 my Bokapu learned ひのこ which is probably Ember and at level 9 he learned かぎれけろ which lowers your opponents speed I think)

After continuing East, the second boy in orange wont battle you but the girl immediately after will. She will have a Choroneko. After battling her, head west. You will see that there are two ledges blocking the path North so you will have to go through the tall grass. Head East then North up the tall grass and the boy in the Orange will battle you. He has a ヨーテリー Which is a Yoteri. (Probably more YooCteirii. This puppy has really low defense but can pack a mean bite.) AFter that battle, immediately head east. (The tall grass is avoidable). Follow the path south to find a potion and a pokeball. Just as a heads up, make sure to heal if needed, you will fight a rival soon. Go back up North and continue the path.

Bell will come running up with two pokemon. First is her Yoteri. Take that out. Depending on your choice she will throw out her pokemon. For me she chose Shutaaja, the grass pokemon. If you get it's HP low, Bell will use a potion. I think no matter what the choice, Bell will always have the pokemon weak to your element.

Continue North into the next town. Go to the pokecenter if needed to heal up and/or buy more stuff. Next go to the building immediately to the left of the pokecenter and by my guess, this is the Pokemon Fanclub. You will see Cheren at the chalkboard. Talk to him and answer Yes to begin a battle. He has his Mijumaru then a Choroneko. After you defeat Cheren, he gives you オレンのみ. Not sure what that translates into. Again, go heal if needed. Now take the new item to the man standing infront of the buildind directly to the right of the pokemon center. He will let you into the first gym.

(Note: If these battles are too hard, head to the North East for some battles and a free pokemon since you are going to be heading there anyways, or do some quick grinding in the tall grass before the town.) He talks to you and gives you あいしいみず. Again, I don't know what this is. As soon as he is finished you will see for panels. Grass, Fire, Water. You also see a curtain. The first curtain is fire, so step on teh water panel. As you walk up you will battle the waitress' Yoteri. After every battle, instead of wasting potions, I would reccommend running back to the pokemon center to heal if needed. Now the next curtain is water, so step on the grass symbol. You will battle the maid's Minezumi then Choroneko. Upon winning, move forward to see a green curtain with the grass symbol. Walk onto the fire symbol in the middle to continue.

Now it is your first gym battle! You will see a guy with green hair first, then... ohsnap, two people coem out of fucking nowhere. Don't fret, you don't have to face all three. I believe you only face the one that your pokemon is weakest too. So I will fight the blue haired guy since he has a water pokemon. Also, they will talk then give you time to save/heal. Prepare for the fight and talk to the guy in the middle (talking to the others wont do anything.) The blue haired guy is nam コーン so he shall be named Koon/Coon. Now Koon's first pokemon will be Yoteri. Then Koon throws out ビヤップ whick is Biyappu. (If you picked up the pokemon from the area North East of the town, you should have this pokemon's weakness. I have Yameppu which is Grass and Biyappu is Water.) I chose to switch pokemon and use my Grass one I just obtained to maket his fight easier. When Biyappu's HP gets low, it will heal automatically with an item it is holding. After winning you will get your first badge! Hoooray! After all gym battles you get a TM. THey give you わざマシン83which I think is Technical Machine or TM83.

After leaving the gym a lady named マコモ which is Mokomo, will confront you. Prof. Mokomo, if you may. She seems to be a friend of Prof. Araragi and brings you into her lab. She talks to you a bit and gives you ひでんマシン01, which is Hidden Machine 01 that you hopefully know by now is Cut! Hoooray~

(Note: Level 13 Pokapu learns かろくなろ which proably raises attack.) (Note: When you have 4 moves they will ask you if you want to delete one upon leveling. This is different from choosing if you want to change your pokemon during a battle after you defeated a pokemon. The top option わすれきせろ is yes and  わすれきせない is no. If you choose no, they ask you if you are sure you don't want them to learn a move. まろくなろを あきらめろ! is Yes I am sure and まるくなろを あきらめない is No I am not sure. Saying no will bring you back to the first question they asked. The 5th move on the bottom is the new move. If you click on it, then the button on the bottom saying やめお it will bring you back to the first question if you want to teach the move to your pokemon or not. So choose the back arrow to go back to the moves. Click on the move you want to replace and press the button on the bottom わすれきせろ and the move will be replaced.) (Note:On the other hand, if they are asking if you would like to replace pokemon the top option will be ポケモンを いれかえろ to change pokemon and the bottom option そのまま たたかう to continue battling with your current one.)

Head out to the North East of the town and head east. You will get into a battle with a girl with a Choroneko followed by another Choroneko. You will see a tree you can cut but have the option of battling the people on the right. The boy in the orange will battle you with his three pokemon. Minezumi, Minezumi and Yoteri. The person to the right of the kid in orange will ask you a question. If you answer yes then you will get a pokemon ヤメップ named Yameppu or Yamep. The next question will be if you want to give it a nickname. (I know that there are three of these guys so you got the green one. Possibly, depending on your starter, this person will give you a pokemon that is opposite of your weakness.) Choose yes or no depending on your preference. Head a bit North through the gate and pick up ディフェンダー which is "Defender".

Head back to the cutable tree and use cut on it after you teach a pokemon the move. (Menu Translations here) After you take a step forward Bell will come AND THEN... ... .. . Pushes yout out of the way and goes ahead. Follow her steps and make your way inside the mostly broken building. She will stop you right before you enter to say something but its a quick convo so continue on. You will see this pokemon in the middle of the building. Walk torwards it, Bell will come up beside you and the pokemon shys away a bit. Ohnoes! It's ???! You are confronted by two odd men that surround the pokemon. A sorta lengthy convo ensues then one of them walks up to you to battle. He only has one pokemon, a Minezumi. (Level 15 Pokabu learned a new fire move, ニトロチャージ Which seems to say Nitro Charge) After you beat him, his name seems to be プラズマだん. Henceforthe the new bad guys are dubbed Team Plasma! So the second Team Plasma guy comes with his one Choroneko.

After you beat both members of Team Plasma, one seems to slap the pokemon then two men appear. It looks like the guy who was giving a speech in town earlier but now there is two? He teleports into one, oddly enough. What is even wierder is that he is named グーチス which is badly translated into Guchis. After Guchis speaks, the two members run away and Guchis is gone in a flash.

Another pokemon comes next to the one that is already there, a short convo, then Cheren comes out of nowhere and joins the conversation. The pokemon leave and leave behind a pokeball. Cheren takes this opporunity to take it and then runs away. Now to explore a bit to get some items. From the middle, head directly left into the tall grass to get a Pokeball. To get the next pokeball, from the middle, go north through the tall grass and around the pillar. Go all the way around the right, then up the stairs and to the left to get a potion. To get the last pokeball, go to the bottom of the stairs and go directly south. You should see a まひなあし. (I am not sure what Mahinaashi is but it is a yellow spray that can be used during battle.)

Now head all the way west. Right before the water fountain go south past the bridge and there is a スーパーボール Super Ball at the bottom left of the little island. Go back to Prof.Mokomo's Lab (Not the gym, but the house in the top house on the east side of town, 2nd floor) and when you talk to her she will give you a Cギア which is C-Gear. She will then ask if you would like to turn on your C-Gear. Press Yes to turn it on. If you press no, they will ask you if you are sure.

Just remember that ”はい” means Yes and "いいえ” means No.

Regardless of what you choose, they will still explain it to you. Her assistant will come up to you and give you ともだちてちょう. (I don't know what a Tomodachitechyou is but I think it has to do with storing wifi battles/people and things like that which is probably viewable also in the second option of the start menu where you choose to continue game and configure wifi.) You can turn on and off your C-Gear meanually by pressing the little power button in the bottom right if your touchscreen.

Now head west, then north to the old man. (If you tried to pass him earlier, he would talk to you and not let you pass.... typical Pokemon roadblock...) Now continue North and you will see two buildings. The one on the left is a school. Immediately when you enter, the teacher in Front of you will heal your pokemon when you talk to her. Noone gives any items in the school so no point talking to them. The house on the right is the daycare. They can take a pokemon and raise it while you train. (They can probably take two pokemon and breed but I can't confirm that.) There is a computer so you are able to deposit and withdraw pokemon when needed. (Computer Terminal Translations)

If you head into the playground, be ready to battle. The teacher directly to the left of the school will battle you. All she has to battle with is a Yoteri and a ムンナ which is a Munna. So after you dispose of the Yateri and Munna, head on the to next to children. They will take you on one by one. The little boy on the right has a Biyappu, the water pokemon. The girl on the left has a バオップ which is Baoppu, the fire verion if the ppu series. If you go the sandbox you will find a ハイパーボール which is a Hyper Ball. To find this, stand IN the top left corner of the sandbox. Walk down 3 paces. Face right, THEN walk 1 pace to the right. When you press A, you should pick up the Hyper Ball. Before or after getting the Hyper Ball, the little kid to the left of the slide has the 3rd of the ppu, Yameppu. Once that is over, you can take some victory laps down the slide.

Remember to get a quick heal inside the school when you get a chance. Walk down the stairs when you get a chance and head west. Exactly to the left of the stairs is a pair of twins. This will be a two on two battle instead of one on one like before. Both will have Choronekos. After the 2v2 battle, continue west. You should see a Pokeball in the tall grass but... oh look at this, Cheren comes out of nowhere to battle you. His two pokemon are Mijumaru and Choroneko. Mijimaru will use a healing item it is holding when it's health gets low.

(Note: If your opponent has more than one pokemon and you have Battle Change on, it will ask you to change pokemon. Before you make your decision you can see the first word in the scentence is the next pokemons name. You can view their Names Here)

After the friendly battle question marks pop on top of you and your rivals heads. Soon after you see two members of Team Plasma rush by you in a hurry. Right after you see Bell and a little girl together and have another talk with all of them. You see Cheren rush off to the left and you are now free to move. Go up into the tall grass and pick up いいキズぐすい. I'm not sure what Iikizugusuri is but but I THINK it recovers 50HP. It is pink-ish botthel with a yellow handle.

once you are done in the grass, head west. If you try to go east or south, you will be stopped by Bell. You will see Cheren standing at the entrance of a cave but for now, head east of Cheren through the tall grass. The girl in the tall grass will have 3 pokemon. Minezumi, マメパト Mamepato and Yoteri. When you defeat her, she will give you オレンのみ in which I am not sure what Orennomi is. Head south and pick up もしよけスプレー in which I think is the item Repel, which might let you walk 100 steps without walking into a random battle. Jump down the ledge then head back west then north to meet up with cheren.

(Note: At Lvel 17 Pokabu evolves into チャオブ― Chaobu and learnes a new move つっぱい which is double slap, or slap.)

Walk up to Cheren and I think he asks if you are ready to enter the cave. Answer yes and he will go in first. You will see Cheren stading in front of the two Team Plasma members. When you get close of enough they will step forward and you will be put into a 1v1 battle against a Minezumi first. Upon victory, two more Team Plamsma members will come and push their allies to the side. Now a 2v2 battle where you team up with Cheren against two Minezumis. After that battle, you have a small talk with Team Plasma then they leave.

After a brief talk, Cheren will take his leave. Now it gives you time to get that pokeball that is behind the legde at the entrance. Just follow the cave counter-clockwise since there is only one path. We don't have swim so we can't explore the cave more. In the pokeball is TM46. Now, once you leave the cave, head south back to the path then east back to see Bell and the little girl in front of the southern path you couldn't go before. They name the little girl.. little girl. Literally. The little girl hands you ヒールボール which looks like Heal Ball. Bell and the little girl will take their leave to the right. You can go back to the school to heal if needed. But now you continue your adventure south at the T-intersection.

Upon heading south, you will run into a battle. The boy will have a シママ which is Shimama, an electrical Zebra. There will be a pokeball behind the kid to the right in the tall grass that contains どくけし some type of spray. Follow the path and you will run into Cheren who is hiding in the grass. He will tell you something then run off. The next battle is with a girl i the middle of the path. she has a zubat looking thing called コロモリ Koromori. Continue heading following the path after that battle and head west across a bridge. There will be another little girl in the middle of this bridge and she has two pokemon. A Minezumi and a Choroneko. Right after the bridge you will see a pokeball in the tall grass below that contains れむけぎまし which is another spray I don't know. Upon continuing on the path, there will be one more battle before the gate. The boy will have two pokemon. Mamepato and a ダンゴロ Dangoro, a rock type pokemon.

You won't get any items from anyone in the gate so continue on and Cheren will be there waiting for you. He shows you where the local Pokemon Center is and hands you a カゴのみ Kagonomi. Not sure what that is but he handed you 3 of them. The items in your bag labeled のみ at the end look like berries. So I am going to call them berries from now on. So Cheron handed you 3 Kago Berries. Go into the pokemon center if you need to heal or anything. If you head North in the town, you will see a Gym. You can tell by the pokeball statue to the left of the huge building. Right when you try to enter you will run into N. N will then ask you a question and I answered Yes.(Regardless of answer you will still be thrown into a battle with N) You will then engage in battle. N has 3 pokemon. First Mamepato, then a オタマロ Otamaro which is some psychic tadpole that will use confuse on you. N will then throw out a ドッコラー a Dokkra. It is carying a piece of wood in its hand so I could only assume it is a fightin type pokemon. This little guy has high speed and attack so be careful. And of course, N won't leave without saying a few words. I would recommend healing if needed since the pokemon center is directly south west of you.

Enter the gym, which doesn't look like one at all from the inside, immediately head torwards the scientist in front of the pokemon bones exhibit. He take you on a tour of the left side of the museum then leads you to an open door in the back. When you enter the music will change and you will notice the two statues and guy in shades, marking this as a gym. When you take one step in the guy in shades will come up and give you おいしいみず in which I am not sure what Oishimiizu is. Be prepared for a battle with the boy to the left. He will come at you with his Minezumi. Now, time for a puzzle. You will see that there are 6 sets of book cases, each with two sied and a little stool on their right side of most.

5 6 ---- 11 12

3 4 ---- 9 10

1 2 ---- 7 8

Walk to book case 2 and answer yes when prompted. You will know you are doing it right when a question mark pops up on top of your head and you see red text. Next head to 3 and answer yes when prompted. Walk up to the scientist at book case 6, answer yes to her when prompted and prepare for battle. She will have a ハーデリア which is Haderia.

(Note: At level 20 Chaobu will be able to learn スモッグ Smog)

The scientist will move out of her place, so go up the stool where she was standing and answer yes to bookcase 6 when prompted. Head down to bookcase 8 and answer yes to that one also. Now prepare for another battle as you talk to the little girl at book case 10. Answer yes and be prepared to fight her 3 pokemon. Yoteri, Yoteri and Yoteri. (Anyone else reminded of that Dave Chappelle episode about the top 5 rappers?) Once victorious, take her place at book case 10 and answer yes for the last time. Then.. Holy Shit, did that book case just move and reveal a hidden flight of stairs? nowaizomg.

Walk down and be prepared to face the gym leader アロエ which I think translates into Aloe. So Aloe's first pokemon will be Haderia. The next will be ミルホッグ which looks lke Mearhog, but will be dubbed Miruhoggu. Upon victory you will be handed your second badge and TM67.

Quickly after, a scientist looking guy will come down shouting MAMA!! The music will change and you know something is aloof and the only bad guys are Team Plasma. Once you are able to move, head back up the hidden flight of stairs and back into the museum part of the building. You will see Aloe and the scientiest talking to members of Team Plasma. You quickly rush to her side and the goons shout out Plasma right before they ninja smokescreen their way out. And oh noes, they took the head of the pokemon bones. Go outside to see Aloe searching frantically for the members of Team Plasma. A person will come from the left and talk then Bell followed by Cheren will come from the right. After a bried talk, Aloe runs off to the east as the random person goes back to the west. Belle then gives you ダウジングマシン which spells Daujing Machine so I am taking a guess that it is a Dodging Machine. Soon after Cheren then Bell will make their way into the Gym.

Now you are free to move about. Exit the town through the north west exit and follow the path. If you speak to the first kid he will give you a TM. Continue on and the person in the middle of the road will say something to you then leave. Don't bother with the person next to the sign since they won't give you anything. There is lady in a pink nurse outfit that will battle you with her Munna. After battling she will heal your pokemon, how nice. Instead of following the path, head south then east torwards the partial train tracks and you will go into battle against a little girl. She has two pokemon. モンメン which is Monmen and a チュリネ which is a Churine. Head east to fight the boy playing on the train tracks. He will throw is Dandoro at you. Follow the train tracks he was playing on and you will see a pokeball. Pick it up for a free Super Ball. (If you notice, the kid stops running around after you kick his ass and take his lunch money). Heading further south will start to see puddles. There is a trainer there with three pokemon. Otamaro, Otamaro and one last Otamaro. This can be an annoying for for some since Otamaro like to confuse you, lower your attack and shoot bubbles at you.

Head a little more south and you will see a pokeball to the top right of the big puddle. It contains どくし which might be a cure for poison since doku means poison. If you pick go to the southern most west part of the map you will see another pokeball containing the spray that heals 50hp. Start heading a bit north east and you will see a trainer in the tall grass and a flight of stairs. He will battle you with his two pokemon, フシデ a Fushide a bug type pokemon and a Yoderi. Head up the flight of stairs that is immediately to your right to see a guy cosplaying as Ryu and another spinning in cirles while walking.

(Note: At level 23, Chaobu learns the move こるがろ in which I am not sure what Korugaro is but he sure as hell throws a boulder for 5 moves in a row.)

I chose to fight the spinning person first to hear some epic intro-to-pre-battle music or whatever you want to call it. She has a Dokkora, the pokemon that flips wood. After that battle go fight the Ryu cosplayer to hear some more epic pre-battle-intro music and fight his Dokkora. Now head down the northern flight of stairs and follow the small path to pick up ネットボール which is a Net Ball. Jump down the ledge and go back north up to the path where the hot nurse is. Talk to the nurse to get a quick heal if needed. If you follow the path you will run into this kid again. Since he keeps popping up I will translate his name アーティ which is Aati. I shall name him Auti for now. So it looks like Auti explains what is to the north and what is to the west, then heads off again.

If you head immediately to your left you with battle with two twins. They will both send out a クルミル Kurumiru each. If you follow the side path you will run into a member of Team Plasma. He will throw out メグロコ which is a Meguroko. Head west and before you fight the next Team Plasma member, head south through the tall grass inbetween two trees then west. You will pick up a おおきなれっこ in which I am not sure an Ookinarekko is. Head back up then west to fight another member of Team Plasma. He will challenge you with his Chokoneko. (Remember, you can always run back out to the sexy nurse for some quick healing if you get paralyzed or something out here.) Head west a bit more and if you follow the path that is not covered by tall grass, the person to the right of the stump will not spot you and you can easily grap the いいキズぐすい. If you'd like, you can fight the pokemon ranger that is to the right of the stump. He has a Haderia. After beating him you will get some Kago Berry. (You can notice the hidden pokemon rangers by the little green lumps on the ground that are differnt from tall grass. So be prepared, there are more that pop out.)

Following the path north west, you will go deeperinto the forest. Soon you will battle a boy with his Fushide and Dokkora. Folllow the path through all the tall grass. Head to the hollowed out rock to pick up an antidote. When you go to cross the log, a pokemon ranger will pop out of the ground for a battle all ninja like. A Yanappu is thown out by her. She will also give you some Kago Berry for your troubles.

Head north through the hollowed out tree and follow the path counter clock wise through all the tall grass. Soon you will encounter a ninja-esque pokemon ranger. She wil pop out at you with her Piyappu. After defeating her she will hand you some モモンのみ which are Momon Berry. Continue your way up through the hollowed tree and get ready to battle the third Team Plasma member. He will throw out his one and only Minezumi. Next, venture north down the hollowed tree and then follow the path east through some more tall grass. You will soon see a pokeball in a holled out tree trunk containing まひなおし in which I am not sure what a Mahinaoshi is. The furthest right green lump that is south of the hollowed tree is another pokemon ranger. His only pokemon will be a Baoppu. He will give you some more Momon Berry after winning. If you would like TM86, head down the stairs then the second stairs. Going through all the tall grass, follow the path north and go around to up the stairs to get TM86.

Once done with that, head back to where that pokemon ranger was. Head north through the hollowed tree for a fourth Team Plasma battle. This one will have three pokemon. Minezumi, Meguroko and another Minezumi. Once victorious, you will get the skull back. ドラゴンのホネ which says Dragon no Hone. Which I will just translate as Dragon Horn. The Team Plasma member will back off then an old man named アスラ Asura comes out of the hollowed tree below. More words are said before Auti soon folowed Aloe comes out of the hollowed tree. After more talking the screen fades black and then Asura and the goon are gone. Auto departs to the east after some words then you talk to Aloe and hand over the Dragon Horn. You will then recieve a つきのいし in which I don't know what a Tsuki no Ishi is. Follow the eastern path that Auto and Aloe took to soon run into a pokeball that contains きせきのタネ in which I don't know what Kiseki no Tane means. Jump down the ledge and you will notice that youa are back on the path you were when you entered this area.

If you want a quick heal, head back south to the hot nurse in pink. Be careful though, afer you pass the two parallel bridges, the two people below will battle you. The schoolgirl will have three pokemon. Koromori, Koromori and if you guessed another Koromori, you would be absolutely correct. The schoolboy below her will only have Munna.

What ever you choice is, you are not free to continue north on the stone path and leave this place. Once you exit and enter the ... HOLYSHITPOKEMONINTHREEDIMENSIONS .... You will see that a nice view of a bridge. Head right into the next area and out north through the gate. As you head north and follow the bridge, you will see that the camera angle chanegs as you continue on your travels. (Even though the path curve, just hold forward and your chacter will curve too.) No need to talk to the girl you see since she doesn't give you any items and she might jump soon...

Anyways, you can see the path spiraled up and now you can nerdgasm, I mean, fully ejoyed the elements they have introduced into this pokemon game. The camara will shift along depending where you are on the bridge, but do not fret, just hold forward. Noone on the bridge will battle you or give you itmes so don't bother with any of them. Soon you will see tall buildings at the end of the bridge. Head down the stairs and enter the gate. Exit to the right and enter this nice 3d city, You will immediately see a map of the city with colored dots. Green dots are gates to different areas, red is the pokemon center and yellow is the the gym. If you enter the pokemon center you will see someone standing in front of the nurse. Walk up and talk to that person and they will ask you a qustion. As usual I answered yes but the person was already out of the way at this point so I don't think it makes a difference.

The next building will be the "Battle Company" which might be optional. If you choose enter the Battle compay, when you walk forward you will be greeted by an old man. He will talk to you then head into the elevator alone. If you head to the 47th floor, be prepared to battle.

When you first enter, the office lady to the right will have a Haderio. The guy to the right of her will give you a クイックボール which is a Quick Ball and a タイマーボール which is a Timer Ball. The guy to the left will have a Dokkra. The scientist in the middle will have a Dangoro. The man in the bottom right will have three pokemon. A バスラオ Basurao, Basurao and Basurao. The scientist in the bottom right that is in front of the black machine will give you ピントレンズ which roughly translates into Pinto Lens or Pint Lens. The office lady to the left will have two pokemon. Charine and Monmen. The pokeball in teh south west corner of the room will contain げんきのかけら in which I don't know what Genki no Kakera means.

Head up to the 55th floor to enter an office. The pokeball in the middle of the room witll contain すごいキズぐすい in which I don't know what Sugoi Kizu Gusui means. Following the room counter clockwise, starting frm the top left of the room, the battles are as follows: Business man will have a Koromori, The cute scientist chick will have a Munna, the scientist guy will have a Kurumiru and the last old guy will have three pokemon a Paoppu, Hiyappu and Yanappu.

(Note: At level 28 Chaobu will learn とっしん though I don't know Dosshin means, I know that it has power of 90 and accuracty of 85. I think it is takedown since I take recoil damage.)

Now speak to the guy behind the desk in the north east corner of room for a battle. He will have two pokemon. ヤブクロン a Yabukuron and チラーミィ Chiramyi. Once you beat the janitor looking guy you wil get がくしゅうそうち in which I don't know what a Gakushuusouchi is but have been told it is an EXP share.

Head down the elevator and out of the building. You can explore the piers an alley ways but for now I am going to enter the Gym. Head all the way west and enter the next area to see the gym on your right hand side. Once you walk into the entrance of the gym, Cheren will appear and push you back a bit and talk to you. Once he leaves you will see Audi rush out of the gym and follow the route Cheren took. Now you are free to enter the gym. Once you enter walk forward and ... oh noes the guy in shades will walk up to you and tell you the gym leader ins't there. I think he says that the leader is at Prime Pier? Now that I look in my menu and look at the gym leaders... I think Auti is the leader of this gym. Wow, didn't see that one coming. I'm serious. >_>;

Now, head to pier 2 to see Audi with Bell this time. (I label it as pier 2. Think of pier 4 as being directly south of the gym and pier 1 being directly south of the gate you entered the city from.) They are also with a little girl named アイリス which is Airisu. After a converstaion between the four of you, a member of Team Plasma enters the scene, says a few words then leaves. Auti says a few words before he follows the Team Plasma goon. More talking with Bell and Airisu. Now you are free to walk.

By now, if you have been noticing Auti's actions, you should realize that he is chasing Team Plasma. So my guess is that you have to aid him first then you are able to battle him for a badge.

Head all the way west to see Auti is in distress once more. Follow him to the next area and you will see him on the left side of town in front of three members of Team Plasma. (No gym battle yet) When you go to Auti's side a talk will start and a question will be asked. Answer yes to begin battle. The goon you face will have a Meguroko and another Meguroko. Once you are victorious the three members will run into the building. Bell and Airisu will soon arive to talk followed by Auti then Bell and Airisu running into the same building the goons ran into. 

Enter along and you will see a whole ensemble of people. Soon the guy will start talking and pacing like he did before. More talking, Auti takes a step forward and the pokemon Munna appears out of nowhere and goes to Bell. More talking, the screen fades black and Team Plasma is gone without a trace this time. Well, the did leave a pokeball behind. After surrounding Airisu and more talking, you will get ヤチェのみ which roughly translates into Yache Berry. First Airisu and Bell take their leave and then Auti shortly after. Go pick up the pokeball to get けむいだま though I don't know what Kemuidama means. Don't go in the elevator since the 2nd floor of that place is completely emtpy. No people, no pokeballs, no nothing.

Now you can freely head to the gym. Once you walk in you will notice everythign will be covered in a a honey like texture. Push through the H-Wall and make sure to hold forward or else it won't let you through. (I will refer to these type of walls as H-Walls or Honey Walls since I have no clue what they are.) Once you step on the switch in the middle of the floor you will see that it opens the gate on the left. Head right through the opening and face the clown. He will haev a Kurumiru and a Fushide. Step on the button to the right to see the gate go down, opening up a path. There will be four buttons. (I will label them as Left and Right meaning: Top-Left, Bottom-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Right ONLY for these four buttuns to make things a bit easier to explain)

Stepping on the top-right button will make a light, light up on the gate. Stepping on teh bottom-right button will pop up a clown with a Kurumiru and a イシズマィ which is a Ishizumai. Stepping on the top-left button will open the gate on the right. Stepping on the bottom-left button will open up a gate on the left side. Go through the H-Wall the that just opened up on the right to light up one of the main lights in the middle. Next, head down through the H-Wall that you first opened. If you step on the button in front of the H-Wall on the left, a clown will pop up with a Kurumiru. Head through the H-Wall and step on the button to open up another gate. Head back to the H-Wall you just opened up and once you go through it you will walk into a battle with another clown. He has two pokemon. A Fushide and Kurumiru. After the battle, step on the button to open the main gate. Head through the final H-Wall and walk up the stairs to battle Auti for your next badge. His three pokemon will be ホイーガ which roughly says Hoiga, Ishizumai and ハハコモリ which is a Hahakomori. Once you defeat this fruit cake, accept your new badge and recieve TM76.

Once you leave the gym, you will get a call from Bell. (Is it me or does she look like a squirrel with a green acorn on her head?) Feel free to explore and heal. Head north of the city all the way and keep on going. Head north of the water fountain and you will soon see a gate. After you enter it and walk forward, about halfway through Bell will appear and eventually battle you. She has four pokemon this time around. The first one she throws out is her Haderia. Next is the Munna she recently obtained. Then Biyappu. The last one is a ジャノビー which is her starter Jyanobi.

Continue north through the gate to come out to a dusty path. There is a pokeball immediately to your left but be careful, there are random battles in the sandy tall grass.. The pokeball will contain ヨクアタール in which I am having trouble translating what Yokuataru is. Following the stone path north, the hiker won't battle you or give you any items but you will soon see Cheren standing in the middle of the road. Cheren will also battle you with ihis four pokemon. First throwing out a Mamepato, then a フタチマル which is Futachimaru, then Baoppu and finally レバルダス which is Rebarudasu. After the battle, you will get a call on your Rival Caster for a three way with Cheren and Prof. Araragi. Giggity.

(Note: At level 31 Chaobu will learn ヒートスタンプ which roughly translated to Heat Stamp.)

(Note: North of the pokeball you picked up there will be a small house with a guy at a computer and a Meguroko walking around. You can talk to him for a quick heal.)

Head west and you should see some orange cones. If you follow those cones north, you will see a pokeball containing a Super Ball. If you battle the girl with in pink with the pink umbrella, she will have two Otomaros. Head north past the girl in pink to see a pokeball to the right of three steel bars. The pokeball will contain すごいキズぐすい which I think is Great Potion. The contrustion worker directly to the north of the girl in the pink will have 3 pokemon. Dangoro, Dangoro and Dokkra. Heading further north through the construction site, you will run into another construction worker. He will only have a Dokkra. At the end of the path, you will see a pokeball that is in front of two blockades, pick the pokeball up to get TM4.

If you head back to the orange cones and go down the stairs, you will encounter two fisherman. You have to talk to them to battle. The first fisherman will have two pokemon. Basurao and another Basurao. The second fisherman will have four pokemon. Basurao, Basurao, Basurao and Basurao.

Now that the south western part of the map is taken care of, time to go back to the main path. Heading back on the main path and folling it north, you will see it soon cuts off. Go past the construction worker, that is in front of two blockades, since he won't battle you. As you should have seen before, there is a difference between normal ground and sandy tall grass. Following the path there will be a pokeball right before the blue backpacker. The pokeball contains やけどなおし in which I don't know what Yakedonaoshi is. After that, the blue backpacker will have a ダルマッカ which is Darumakka or Dalmakka. The next opponent is a red backpacker that is pacing back and forth. She will have a Monmen.

Directly to the left of her there will be a pokeball containing ピーピーエイド which translates into PiPi Eido which sounds like PP Aid. Continuing north, you will run into another red backpacker that will have a Charine. Next, there will be a いいキズぐすい in front of another blue backpacker. He will have a Shimama. You will see that the path splits up into two. You can either go North or West. For now I shall go North.

Heading north you should continue under the bridge and follow the path since that first person doesn't battle you or give you anything. You will soon run into a blue backpacker that only has a Mamepato. Soon after you will come to a gate. (This route is shorter than heading west.) - Heading into the gate you will see Cheren and Prof. Araragi.

If you chose the west route, while following the path you will run into a constructin guard that is spinning around in circles. He has a Gandoro and Dokkra. the next contruction worker will only have a Dokkra. To the west of that construction worker there will be a little house off the path a bit. Inside there will be two workers. The one on the right will give you TM28. Heading a bit north, the girl wont battle you. Continue under the bridge and follow the path. Soon you will see two people. They won't battle you or give you anything so keep going and you will see a gate.

Since the path that went north has Cheren and Prof. Araragi, I am assuming that this is the way you should go. So walking up to those two, you will intiate some talking. Prof. Araragi will first walk up to Cheren then you. She will give you a ハイパーボール which is a Hyper Ball. She will talk a bit more before taking her leave and Cheren will follow shortly after.

Now, continue north through the gate and you will arive in a new city. Walk up the steps to see two members of Team Plasma harrassing some old guy. The old guy will look around for help, then run to you. This will make one of the goons walk up to you for a battle. He will have two pokemon, Miruhoggu and ヤブクロン which is a Yabukuron. Right after, the old guy will talk to you and give you a... BIKE!!! Fuck yea. Once the old guy takes his leave, Bell will come talk for a second then leave. If you need to heal or anything there is a pokemon center in the south west corner of town.

If you head north of the town and try to leave through the gate to the west, Bell will appear and bring you into this building in the north east side of town labeled "Musical". It appears to be a pokemon fashion show. Alternatively, you can just head directly to the north east corner of the map and talk to Bell. Once you get dragged in, you soon be confronted by a man with a hat. Probably a commisioner or something. (Going on a limb with that one) He will first give Bell something then give you グッズケース which very roughly translates into Guzzu Case? This Case is probably where you store your items for the fashion show.

You will soon be asked to choose a pokemon for the show. In which you will be taken to the next screen of dressing up the pokemon you have just chosen...

I don't want to do any fashion shows so I will just leave. Upon leaving to see Bell talking to "Papa". This might be him trying to get Bell to come back home. He inches forward while Bell inches backwards. Soon you will be approached by a random person. カミツレ Kamitsure is this random person who talks to Bell and her father. Most likely persuading Papa that lil ol' Bell is a growing women and things of that nature.

If you head to the east side of town through the aparkling gate you will soon run into N. N will take you on the Ferris Wheel! Yaay. You and N make hot passionate love in the Pokeball themed Ferris Wheel. (not really) Then once you are back on the ground you are approached by two members of Team Plasma. But wait, it seems N has a confession. N's true idtity is... KIRA Dun Dun Duuuuun. But really, N is a part of Team Plasma it seems and will battle you with Megaroko, シンボラー which is Shinbora, Darumakka, then finally a Zuruggu. N comes up to you and... shit.. N is a guy? I thought N was a girl this whole time. FML.

Anyways, they give you a nice closeup of N and he tells you something important about gym leaders, pokemon and he also says "Boku wa Champion" Which He might be saying that he is the champion? No idea, but with my limited knowledge, it is time to move on!

(Note: Make sure to heal up after that battle against N. Gym time.)

The neon building this is direclty to the left of the ferris wheel is the gym. This gym runs on tracks with bumper car looking things that will follow a certain path. Go on the bumper car on the blue track and get off on the stop. Before being able to step on the switch, you will have to battle a girl. She will have two pokemon which are エモンガ which is Emonga and Emonga. Step on the switch to change the track. Get into the blue line bumper car and get off at the next stop. You will have to fight a guy that has a Shimama. After you step on the next swtich the tracks will change for the yellow line. When you try to get on the yellow line bumper car someone will jump out and battle you. He will have a Shimama and a Shiimama. Don't fret. After you defeat him he will move out of the way. Get on the yellow line bumper car to go to the next swtich. Step on to activate the orange line. This time a girl will pop out of the bumper car. She will have a Emonga. Hop on the orange line bumper car to be brought to the gym leader.

Oh look, it's Kamitsure. Gym Leader Kamitsure and her cute self will have three pokemon. Emonga, Emonga and ゼブラッカ which is named Zeburakka. Upon victory you will be rewarded with a shiny new badge and TM72. Now, step on the switch and hop on the pink line bumper car out of there. Time to head to the north west part of town and leave through the gate. Soon after leaving the gate, Cheren will come up to battle. He will have Reparudasu, Futachimaru, ハトーボー which is Hatobo and Baoppu. After the battle, the lovely Kamitsure will appear. She will bring you and Cheren to this red haired guy named アデク which is roughly Adeku. Adeku will summon the two little kids to battle you and Cheren. This will be a duo against two Haderia. After, Kamitsure and Cheren will take your leave and you are now free to move on.

Once you start heading west on the path, an old man stainding in the middle of the path will battle you with his Shinbora. The break dancer that is above the old man will have two pokemon. Darumakka and Darumakka. The three people standing in front of the guy playing the guitar won't battle you but if you talk the guy with the guitar he will battle you. He has a Shimama and Shimama. If you beat him he will give you an エレキギター which is an Electric Guitar. I believe this is used in a fashion show.

After those battles continue west. Very soon you will run into Cheren and Kamitsure again. After a little talking you will be rewarded with a nice cutscene of the bridge lowering. Kamitsure goes back to the city and Cheren crosses the bridge. You are now free to move so follow Cheren and cross the bridge. Noone will battle your give you items so just make your way across. Although, to the left of the girl on the left section of the bridge, there will be a small circular shadow. Stand over it and press a to recieve たいりょくのハネ in which I don't know what Tairyoku no Hane is. Continue heading west off the big bridge and onto a little brige. At the end of this little brige you will see Cheren talking to a man with a fancy white hat. This man seems to be named ヤーコン which is Yakon or Yaakon. Before he leaves I think he warns you about Team Plasma then makes his exit. Then Cheren leaves also.

There is a pokemon center in the nort eastern part of town. To get to the gym, follow the paved path that goes behind the pokemon center. There is someone blocking the entrance to the gym. It seems Yakon is the gym leader. So now lets search for Yakon and do this towns quest so we can get that next badge.

For this search I am going to head south of the town. Once you pass the the little bridge, some of the people will battle you. For now, follow the path south west. You will pass one worker who won't battle you. Then you should reach near the end of this path to a door where a worker is standing to the right of it. When you go in front of this guy, Cheren will appear. Once you enter teh building you will notice it is cold in there. To the left there is another worker who won't battle you. Go up the stairs to pick up a Net Ball. Go back down and head north. Slide across the floor and battle the worker in between the two icy floors. He will have a Paoppu and Dokkra. On the next sheet of icy floor, you cannot go north or south. So just go east and go up the stairs to fight another worker. He has a Biyappu and a Dokkra.

The next icy path is simple. Slide the the right side of the wall. Slide up to block B then slide left to block A. Once there slide down to continue the path.


Follow the path and go up the stairs to fight the next worker. He will have a ドテツコツ which is a Dotetsukotsu. Continue following the path and go down the stairs. The next worker will have a バニプツチ which is Baniputsuchi and a Dokkra. Continue north across the icy floor to face another worker that has three pokemon. Dokkra, Dokkra and Baniputsuchi. There is also a pokeball containing すごいキズぐすい behind him. Continue to see an open container. Cheren will show up and ask you if you are ready. When you go into the open container Cheren will come also.

You will see 8 members of Team Plasma surrounding one guy. Once they disperse a bit, walk up the goon directly in fron to of you to battle. He will have a Miruhoggu and a Zuruggu. Telk to the goon directly to the right of him to face her Reparudasu. The next goon directly to the right of that last battle will be a fight agaisnt a Yabukuron. The goon all the way to the right will have a Meguroko and a Miruhoggu.

After those battles Yakon and a group of four workers will appear. All the members of Team Plasma are escorted out and you are left with Cheren and Yakon in the container. You are now free to pick up the pokeball containing とけないこおり in which I am not sure what Tokenaikoori is. Go and heal up if needed.

Once you make your way to the gym you will see Cheren, Yakon and a lot of Team Plasma. Words are exchanged then Team Plasma ninjas their way out with a black fadeout. Yakon will make his way into the gym and Cheren will leave off to the left. Enter the gym for Puzzle Time!

When you enter the gym you will see a platform with two arrows; Red for up and Green for down. Go and press the green arrow to go down. When you go down, head to the right and you will have to fight a construction worker before you are able to press the green button on the platform. The construction worker will have a ガマガル which is a Gamagaru and a モグリュー which is a Moguryu. Once you press the green button to go down, head north to the next platrform and press the red button to go up again. The construction worker on this platform will have two pokemon also. A Meguroko and a Moguryu. On the same platform go back down. Once it goes down, follow the northern path around to come to a battle with another construction worker with a ワルビル which is a Warubiru. After that press the green button on the platform to go down. There will be two platforms now. The one to the east will bring you up to a battle with a businessman. He will have a Meguroko, Gamagaru and a Megaroko. The platform to the north will bring you up. Go around and follow the platform north where the girl is to battle her. She will have a Moguryu.

(Note: At level 36 Chaobu will learn the move ダメおし in which I don't know what Dameoshi means. He will also evolve to エンブアー which is Enbua.)

After that battle, head onto the platform that is blocked by a orange cone on its south side. When you press the green button down, you will be taken all the way down to the gym leader. It is finally time to defeat Yakon and his fancy hat. He will have a Warubiru, Gamagaru and a ドリュウズ which is a Doryuuzu. After that battle you will be awarded with your next gym badge. (Wait, no TM? Did I miss something here?)

Once you leave the gym go heal and do whatever you need. Bell will soon show up when you try to leave town following the path directly west from the gym. Bell will have Haderia, Hiyappu, ムシャーナ which is Mushana and Jyanobi. After you beat Bell, she will give you HM02. It appears to be fly.

Following the path west you will go through some tall grass. The scientist standing there will only have a シキジカ which is a Shikijika. The girl on the bridge wont battle you but it seems you will need to know surf to be able to get that pokeball to the left. Continue following the path north to battle a pokemon ranger that has an Emonga and a Shikijika. After defeating the pokemon ranger she will give you クラボのみ Which is Kurabo Berry. The girl in pink with a pink umbrella that is on the bridge will have four pokemon. Otamaro, Otamaro, Otamaro and Otamaro. Next you will run into a scientist that has a Shikijika. The pokeball to the left of the house will contain a すごいキズぐすい and the pokeball down below in the tall grass will contain a PP Aid.

In the house there is a group of scientists. If you talk to the one on the left he will explain something to you. Then he will ask you yes or no. If you answer yes, the screen will go to your pokemon. I don't know who this scientist or what he does.

Continuing on the path, you will soon run into a female scientist before the small wooden bridge. She will have a Shikijika. Continuing on, the first pokeball that is north east of the girl in pink will be a pokemon named タマゲタケ which is Tamagetake. The girl in pink will battle you with two pokemon. バニプツチ which is Baniputsuchi and プルリル which is Pururiru. The pokeball inbetween the two puddles will be a リーフのいし which I don't know what Rifu no Ishi is but it sounds like Leaf no Ichi. The third pokeball under the puddle on the left will also be a Tamagetake. The pokemon ranger that is encompasing the puddle will have a Chiramyi and a Emonga. He will give you a Kurabo Berry also. Continuing north you will cross another small wooden bridge. The hiker won't battle you. If you head right immediately after the bridge, you will see a house. Talk to the lady on the right side of the table for a quick heal.

When you get back on the path and go further north, you will see a cave entrance with a spider web blocking the path. Go up to it and press A. Yakon will soon appear and clear the path with his pokemon and give you TM78.(So now you get the TM, eh? Wierd..)

Once you enter the cave, you will see N up ahead. Walk forward a bit to.. OHSHIT Ninjas! They will bring to to "N-Sama" then dissapear in an instant. N probably tells you about his plans and then leaves. Before you walk up to the blue refractor shard Bell will appear. Soon Prof. Araragi will show up and give you しあわせタマゴ in which I am not sure what a Shiawase Tamago is but it might have to do with getting past this dungeon. Looking in my inventory, it is an egg that can be held. Actually, these blue refractors can be easily pushed to the side instead of those stones you needed strength for in the previous games. Continue following the path to pick up a pokeball with まひなおし in which I don't know what Mahinaoshi is. The scientist to the right will have a ギアル which is a Giaru. The pokeball that is up the stairs and behind ethe ledge contains ヒールボール or Heal Ball. The girl that is walking while spinning will have a アーケン or Aken.

The dungeon is pretty simple so just keep pushing those blue refractors out of the way. Once you get to a certain point, Bell and Araragi will show up again to talk some more. If you head north, the Hiker will throw two pokemon at you to battle. ガンドル which is Gandoru and Dotekkotsu. You cannot move the blue refractor to the north yet so just head south. Right before you walk on the bridge you are ambushed by three ninjas. The pokeball immediately north contains すごいキズぐすい. Push the next refractor out of the way and you will soon run into a female scientist with a Giaru. Head down the stairs. Follow the path and talk to the twins. They wont battle you but they will give you two きんのたま which I don't know what Kin no Tama is but it looks like a Golden Nugget?

So using the twins as a reference, if you go left you will go back up a flight of stairs so you can jump over a ledge and exit where you came from. So head north up the stairs to the right of the twins. If you head right, the doctor will only fight you if you talk to him. He will only have a クルマユ which is a Kurumayu. Once you beat him though, he will give you a quick heal. Yaaay. Continue and you will see two members of Team Plasma. Before fighting them head all the way left to pick up a タイマーボール which is a Timer Ball. After, head north and face the first member of Team Plasma. He will ahve three pokemon: Meguroku, Zurukke and Miruhoggu. The second member of Team Plasma will only have a Zurukke. The third member of Team Plasma will have a Yabukuron and a Reparudasu. The fourth member of Team Plasma will have three pokemon: Yabukuron, Yabukuron and Yabukuron. The fifth member of Team Plasma will have a Miruhoggu and a Meguroku.

Head down the steps and continue left. Push the refractor to the left and instead of continuing north, head south west to pick up a pokeball that contains かみなりのいし in which I don't know what a Kamnari no Ishi is. Head a little ways back to push the refractor north and face the sixth member of Team Plasma that only has a Reparudasu. The seventh member of Team Plasma will have a Megeroku and a Miruhoggu. Head up the stairs to the right and follow the path until you reach a four way intersection. If you head west, you will run into a scientist with a Giaru. After that battle, you can move the refractor out of the way and go back if needed. Head south you will battle a girl that has an エルフーン which is an Erufun and a プロトーガ which is a Purotoga. Follow the path to pick up a pokeball containing じしゃく which I don't know what a Jishaku is. Head east to run into N for a battle. N wil lhave 4 pokemon: Gandoru, バチュル which is Bachuru, Giaru and テッシード which is Tesshido. After the battle, Bell and Prof Araragi will show up. (Note AFTER the battle, lazy bishes) N, Bell and Prof. Araragi will conversate, most likely revealing more about the plot and Team Plasma. After, N will take his leave through the exit and Bell will leave to the west with Prof. Araragi.

Once you leave the cave, you will see a pokemon center right in front of you. Heal up and do what you must. To the east of the pokemon center, there is a house. If you enter it and talk to the old guy in the top right corner he will be able to delete moves. Thus him now being the Move Deleter. Once you go back on the path and try to move past the pokemon center, you will soon be confronted by two people. The guy will give you something? and the girl will come up also. It seems this guy is also called Araragi? and the girl to his left is called フウロ or Fuuro. By the way things have been going in this game, it seems Fuuro is the next gym leader. It appears that to the west there is an airport. Go inside the airport and talk to the man in black to recieve するどいくちばし in which I don't know what Surudoikuchibashi is. Next, go into the airport strip and head directly south and get the pokeball under the first plane on the right. It will contain TM58. Don't worry, no one will battle you on this strip.

(Note: I didn't notice this till a little later, but those wooden paths are NOT bicycle paths. You walk on them.)

If you head to the northern most part of the airport strip, it seems there is a gym. As usual, there is someone in front of the entrance so you have to do this town's quest and aid the leader before you can battle for the badge. Head to the east side of town and follow the path. There won't be any battles yet but the guy in the red chinese outfit will give you TM57. The blue backpacker will battle you though. He has a パオッキ- which is a Paokki. If you go into the house along the path before you enter the tall grass, you will meet a hiker that want to trade. He will trade you a Topimaru for your Gandoru. Head east throught he tall grass and you will run into a trainer with three pokemon. ANd it will be a .... Triple Battle? The fuck? Why the hell didn't I do research on this game before playing. Seriously. Triple Battle? >_>;

Continue on the path to battle a red backpacker with her Chiramyi. You will notice the pokemon rangers in the tall grass by their hats. Head west into the opening to pick up a ポイントアップ which is a Pointoappu or PP Up. Continue on the path to battle the first pokemon ranger. She will have a Kurumayu, Biyakki and a Hatoba. When you beat this ranger, she will give you ナナシのみ or Nanashi Berry. The next pokemon ranger will have a ユニラン which is Yuniran and a キバゴ which is a Kibago. This ranger will also give you Nanashi Berry. Right after the ranger, you can follow the top of the tall grass to ピーピーリカバー which is a PP Recover.

At the end of the path, head into the lighthouse. It seems this lighthouse is a pokemon graveyard. (Lavender town much?) Go up the winding stairs. You follow the path through the tombstones and intiate your first battle. She will have a リゲレー which roughly translates into Rigere, a Yuniran and a Shinbara. The miniskirt schoolgirl will have a Shikijika and a ゴチム which is a Gochimu. The pokeball on the right side will have すごいキズぐすり. Continue to battle the father with his daughter. He will have an Emonga and a Haderia. If you continue to the left sidd, the older lady will only have a Kurumayu. The pokeball to the left contains TM61.

Head to the 3rd floor and follow the path to face the Psycic and her Mushana. Continue on to face the male psycic and his two pokemon. デスマス which is Desumasu and ゴビット which is Gobitto. The psycic chick on the left will have ヒトモシ which is Hitomoshi and ココロモリ Kokoromori. Before you can pick up the pokeball, you will battle a pyscic with his ダブラン Daburan. The pokeball to the right of him will contain のろいのおふだ whicn I don't know what Noroi no Ofuda is. Before you head up the stairs, talk to the pink nurse to battle her. She will have a Gochimu and a ママンバウ which is a Mamanbou. After you defeat the cutey in pink, she will heal you.

Head up to the 4th floor and follow the path. You will fight a trainer with a ムーランド which is a Murando, before you can pick up the pokeball the the right. After fighting the elite trainer, go and pick up the pokeball containing げんきのかけら which I don't know what Genki no Kakera means. The next elite trainer will have a Kokoromori and a ゴチミル which is a Gochimiru. (Damn, can I get some rule 34 on that female elite trainer?!) Head around to the left side of the female trainer to pick up TM65. then head up the stairs.

Now you should be at the top of the tower. You will see Fuuro glaring at the bell. Walk up to her and she will talk for a second then continue glaring at that bell. Walk up to the ball and ring it. After you ring it, a few more words from Fuuro, then she will take her leave. Since you are not inside of a confined space, this would be an excellent time to put use of fly and fly your ass back to town.

Once you are back in town heal and do what you may. When you are ready, head to the airport strip and head north for the gym. This gym is pretty different. To move from place to place, you walk into a cannon and it will shoot you the way you were facing when you entered the cannon.

Once you enter the gym, go directly north. That cannon will shoot you north. Then go west and that cannon will shoot you west. Go down the stairs and go through the same cannon you just went through. Now you should be on the east side next to a construction worker. The construction worker will have two pokemon. Hatobo and Hatobo. Head up the stairs and follow the path. The construction worker next to the cannon will have two pokemon. コアルヒー which is Koaruhi and Koromori. Head into the cannon to be shot onto the west side of the gym now. Next you will battle a pilot with two pokemon. Koaruhi and Shinbara. Head through the next cannon facing north so you can be shot to the north side of the gym. Go east through the cannon, then head back. You will face a pilot that only has a ケンハロウ which is a Kenharou. Get shot west through the cannon now to end up on the other side of the baricade. Go up the stairs and you will battle a construction worker with a Kokoromori. Follow the next cannons through the hoops and you will end up at the gym leader.

Fuuro will have three pokemon: Kokoromori, Kenhorou and スワンナ which is Suwanna. Upon victory you shall receive the next badge and TM62. Blast your way out of there only to see N waiting for you at the entrance of the gym. After a few touching words, N takes his leave.

It's time to continue on your journey. Visit the pokemon center or anything else you need then leave town on the north east path. Go as if you are going to the tower but instead, walk on the wooden path or go through the tall grass to continue the path to the east. If you enter the house before the stairs, the lady in front of the TV will be there to give you a quick heal when needed. Right when you step on the top of the steps, your rival caster will ring. It's a call from Mama. Don't know what she says but she doesn't give you anything either. If you head direclty east, you will encounter a clown that has a Emonga and Shinbora. After, you can pick up the pokeball that has TM81.

The clown on the north walkway will have three pokemon: シビシラス which is Shibishirasu, Koaruhi and Hatobo. Continue on, following the path north. You will soon be confronted by Cheren once you reach the bottom of the stairs. The four pokemon at his disposal will be Kenhorou, Futachimaru, Baokki and Reparudasu. After the battle, the screen will pan up to show the guy in red hair jump down the cliff. Adeku will give Cheren then give you HM03 which is Surf.

Go up the stairs and battle the hiker that has a Gandoru and a Dotekkotsu. Enter the cave to the left of the hiker and follow it north to run into Cheren and Yakon. Yakon will soon leave to the south and Cheren to the east. Follow the route Cheren took to exit the small cave passage. Once you exit, head slightly south then follow the path east. You will come to a pokeball that contains なんでもなおし which I don't know what Nandemonaoshi is. Head west to the entrance you came from. Follow the path all the way north to come across another pokeball that contains げんきのかけら in which I don't know what Genki no Kakera means.

On your way to get the first pokeball, you should have noticed a cave etrance on the south side of the map. Enter that entrance and follow the path. You will run into a hiker that has three pokemon: Koromori, Gandoru and Dotekkotsu. There will be two routes right after the hiker. If you go immediately north where the three rocks are, all that awaits you is a battle with a femalte elite trainer that has three pokemon. バニリッチ which is Baniricchi, Gochimiru and Gaburan. If you follow the path east then north, you will soon run into a battle girl with a ナゲキ which is a Nageki. After you exit out of that cave you should see a construction worker right there to the south. If you talk to him to battle, he will have a Gandoru and a Diryuuzu.

Follow the path north to enter the next cave. You will see that there are lumps in the ground. The third lump will be a construction worker with a Kokoromori. If you continue east you will pick up a つきのいし which I don't know what a Tsuki no Ishi is. Head back to the middle and go down the stairs to exit to the next room. There are lots of lumps but ignore them and head out through the west since there are no items there. Once you exit, you should see a pokeball to the north containing まんたんおくすり.

Follow the path all the way west. Don't go into the entrance yet but keep going a bit more to pick up a PP Aid. Go and enter the west entrance now. Go left a bit then follow the first north path to pick up a きんのたま. Continue on the path and follow it clockwise. Once you reach the northern part you will see a pokeball to the west. If you try to get it you will be met by a construction worker hiding in the lump. He will have a Doryuuzu. After that go and pickup the PP Up. Continue east to exit this area.

Once you exit you should see a doctor. Talk to him to battle his Daburan and Mushiyana. Now for a quick heal! Follow the path north and enter the first entrance you see then head north to battle a hiker. He will have a Koromori and Gandoru. After the hiker, continue on the next area and continue down the stairs. If you go all the way west you will pick up a Hyper Ball. There will be a karate guy spinning around that has a ダゲキ which is Dageki. Continue south and the fourth lump will be a construction worker that has a Dotekkotsu and a Gandoru. Now head out of there to be at the base of the construction site. Don't bother going into the house since there is no one and nothing in there. Head east then north into the next entrance and follow north.

You will soon see Cheren in front of a member of Team Plasma. Walk up to them to trigger some talking, another member showing up, more talking, Plasma ninja their way out again, Cheren talks. Now you should be free to move. Head east out of the cave to be confronted by the male Araragi? He asks a question and as usual I just answer yes. After a little bit of him talking he will make his leave to the north. Go north up the stairs and there will be a pokemon center to heal up if needed. Continue the path north, past the dancing townspeople, and you should see the gym on the left.

Once you enter the gym, you will see the floor is convered with ice. Go directly north and it will twirl you to the west side. Don't slide north. Slide to the east and and battle the karate man. He will have a クマシュン which is a Komashun, Komashun and フリージオ which is Furijio. Step on the switch ahead then get flung around to battle the battle girl that has a Furijio. Head east up the stairs and go across the icey jump. Continue to battle the karate guy with his Kumashun.

Slide east, north, east, north. Fight the battle girl. She will have a Gumashun and a Baniricchi. Slide south from the battle girl, slide east, walk around to be flung down south, slide north onto the switch. Slide north off the switch then slide west. Head south down the arrow to be flung around to the north west part of the area. Head up the stairs for some more icy gap jumping sliding action. The next battle girl you run into will have a Baniricchi and a Baniricchi.

Slide west then north to be flung around. Slide east, north and then east to be flung around again. Go north to fight the karate guy that has a Baniricchi and a Kumashun. How slide east, south, west, south, west then north.

ハチク or Hachiku is the gym leader and he will have three pokemon: Baniricchi, ツンベアー which is Tsunbea and Furijio. After a victorious battle, receive your new badge and TM79. (Note: Leave to the west to slide aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to the beginning fo the gym.)

Once you leave the gym, you will see Cheren and Bell waiting for you. After a little bit of talking the gym leader comes out, some ninjas appear, more talking, ninjas out, Cheren leaves with the leader, Bell talks to you then now you should be able to walk about. Feel free to explore and heal to your liking. Once you are ready, go to north of the town. Before you enter the next area you will see Mr. Araragi. Bell comes following soong after. After some talking, Mr. Araragi will give you a もりのヨウカン.

Head north and pass the Team Plasma guy since he won't do anything. Enter the new area and follow the path and go to the stairs. Right when you touch the bottom of the stairs, you will hear some type of rumbling. Head up the stairs to and Cheren will shout out to you. You're going to want to go the way he went but you can't go directly since it is blocked off. Head around the room clockwise and pick up the pokeball containing すごいキズぐすり. Go up the piller on the east side of the room and follow it all the way west. There will be a pokeball containing ほしのすな on the broken pillar. Now exit the room to the left and go up the stairs.

Jump through the second path to pick up a ひかりのいし. Head up the third path to continue up the stairs. Go through the door and you will see Cheren, Hachiku and a whole bunch of Team Plasma members. Head up the stairs. If you try to talk to any of the members on the big platform, nothing will happen so continue the path south to battle the first member. He will only have a Miruhoggu. The next Team Plasma will have a Reparudasu. Go up the stairs and fight the third member tht will have a Zuruggu. Continuing upward, the fifth member of Team Plasma will have a Reparudasu and a Reparudasu. The sixth member will have a Miruhoggu, Warubiru and a Zuruggu. Insead of going up the stairs, head slightly to the right down the stairs to pick up a りゅうのキバ.

Once you enter the new spiraly room head east, north, east, south then west to pick up ほしのすな. After picking that up, head back east, north, west then north to pick up ほしのかけら. Now go east, north, east, south, west, south then all the way east to pick up げんきのかけら. Go back west, south then west up the stairs. Follow the path for some more rumbling then someone shouting. Continue and you should se a PP Max. Continue on to walk into the group of Team Plasma and some talking. You will immediately be surrounded and a battle will ensue. Your first opponent will have a Miruhoggu and a Warubiru. Your second opponent will only have a Warubiru. Your third opponent will have a Yabukuron and a Reparudasu. Your final opponent will only have a Miruhoggu.

(Note: At level 50, Enbuo will learn もろはのずつき in which I don't know what Moroha no Zutsuki is.)

Upon the fourth consecutive victory, continue on the path and go up the stairs. You will see N and get put into a cutscene. You will then see N standing in front of the Legendary Pokemon. It will soon fly up, N talks some more then it comes out of nowhere and sweeps N away. Soon Cheren and Hachiku will arive on the scene.

Next you will be in front of the towns norhern exit. Bell, Cheren, Hachiku and Mr. Araragi will all be there. Next, Adeku will make his appearance. After more talking, everyone will take their leave except for ball. Now you are free to go heal or anything you need.

Now on the next adventure. To head east, follow the town counter clockwise. Keep in mind that walkin in the puddles will get you into battle with water pokemon. Go north west and you wil run into a pokemon ranger that has a Kumashun, Gamagaru and a マラカッチ which is a Marakacchi. He will give you a Momon Berry once you win. Next, go and pick up the pokeball in the north west that contains どくバリ. If you follow the small lake north east, you will obtain TM36. You can either use surf or go around but head east and your next opponent will be the girl in pink with a pink umbrella. She will have a プルリル which is a Pururiru and a Koaruhi. To the east of her will be a pokeball with なんでもなおし.

If you head south east, the next pink umbrella girl will give you a TM42 if you talk to her. If you battle the fisherman, he will have a Basurao and a Basurao. The next pink umbrella girl will have a Mamanbou. The pink umbrella girl behidn the sign will give you a つめたいいわ. Since Team Plasma is blocking the path, head back and go north east instead of south east.

Once this route, you will run into a pokemon ranger with a チラチーノ which is a Chirachino. She will give you a Momon Bery when you defeat her. The pokeball all the way to the east will contain a Hyper Ball.

Now in the new area that is NOT raining. There will be a pokeball to the north that has a まんたんのくすり. If you follow the bushes to the other side of the pokeball you just obtained, you will run into a pokemon ranger that has a Baniricchi and a オノンド which is a Onondo. He will give you a Obon Berry after you win. Head north east of him to pick up a PP Max. Head back south past the pokemon ranger and jump down the ledge. Head east. Once the path starts going south, you will run into a pkemon ranger that has a Emonga, Mamanbou and a Marakacchi. She will give you an Obon Berry after you win. Directly west, on a little island, will be a pokeball with げんきのかたまり. There is a fisherman directly south of the pokeball that has a Basurao and a マッギョ which is a Maggyo.

It seems I have ended up where I started. It's time for me to explore so I can figure out what to do.