Some menu translations I felt that would help. The rest is mostly common sense.


Pokemon: View stats, Change Position, Give/Take Items to hold.
Bag: View/Use items in your bag.
Report: Save Game.
Pokedex: View Pokemon you have seen/captured.
Trainer Card: View Badges, Gym Leader info and your Trainer info.
Settings: Change Settings

Pokemon TabEdit

If you choose to give an item the next picture below shows what does what. BlackMenu4


Text Speed: How fast or slow you want the text to go.
Battle Animations: If you want to see the pokemon's attacks or not.
Pokemon Change Rule: If you want the game to ask you to change Pokemon after you KO an opponent or to keep it off so you can change pokemon manually.
Text Mode: Option to change it from Hiragana/Katakana to Kanji.
IR Report: Has something to do with saving. I don't fully know. If you do know please tell me.

Teaching MovesEdit

This is a roughly translated (mostly educated guesses) on how to teach pokemon moves.


Go into your bag and go to the disks. These are your moves you can teach.

  • Gray = TM = Mostly usual techniques. Can be used multiple times. Can be forgotten anytime.
  • Purple = HM = Important moves for progression. Can be used multiple times. Can only be forgotten by a Move Deleter person.

It explains some things and asks you if you would like to teach this move. Click the top option to continue. BlackMenu7
It double checks to make sure you are not making a mistake. BlackMenu8
おぼえられない Means the Pokemon can NOT learn this move.
おぼえられろ Means the Pokemon CAN learn this move.